You got a problem with Jeff Koons?

Photo: GV
Photo: GV

Well, I did, too.

I used to be really hostile toward the glitzy sorts of things in this photo.  Specifically, the shiny busted eggs and balloon dogs, at  $10+m.

A gimmick.

Koons was born in York, PA, and went to MICA.  A home town guy.

Nonetheless, I just didn’t like those things.

But I’ve changed my mind.  Artists, I’ve come to recognize, are intuitive neuroscientists. Which means to say that I believe that they struggle to “work” our visual brain. Our neurons. Simple as that.

Michelangelo was doing just that as he probed Carrara marble to discover those powerful “slaves” imprisoned inside.

And I think Koons has figured it out, too.  Sort of.

So what if those Koons dogs and eggs cost a fortune?