Win a Prize? Guess how much…

These are 3000-lb, lion-headed godesses, 14th century BC,  from Thebes


The prize is a one-year membership in THE WALTERS ART MUSEUM, with all the substantial rights and benefits that accrue thereto.  Like free entry to museums all over the country, and discounts at local restaurants.  Plus, best of all, free admission to ticketed shows at the WAM, and to all its great programs. And, of course, our members help keep the Walters’ permanent collections free for the public!

Anyhow, Henry Walters bought six Sekhmets in his lifetime. These are 3000-lb, lion-headed godesses, 14th century BC,  from Thebes. Like the two in the picture.

But he gave them all to the MET in New York!  Well, he lived there (in NYC), was VP of the MET at the time, and they’re pretty heavy and hard to move.

The British Museum has something like 33 Sekhmets, but shows only a few.  So we asked the BM: can we borrow two of yours for 10 years?  Yes, they said, but you have to pay to get them from our store room in London to your gallery in Baltimore.

Fair enough.

So, the contest is easy: how much did that cost?  All inclusive.

And like “The Price is Right,” the winning guess will be that one closest to the actual cost, without going over.


PS: If I’ve told you the answer over the years, please sit on your hands.

24 thoughts on “Win a Prize? Guess how much…”

  1. Let’s see. Shipping FedEx, they only allow 2200 lbs for a quote through their website, and that would be $4285 international economy freight. So for 6000 lbs (if they are each 3000 lbs), maybe they would give you a deal and make it an even $11000 (instead of $11686)?

  2. I guess insurance for the priceles items is more than raw shipping cost. And they had to pack it very carefully. I guess: $120,000.

  3. Yes, Laura, they are on loan.

    More are over than under.

    The contest closes Saturday AM.

    Gary Vikan

  4. THE ANSWER IS $30,000 net/net.

    Which means that Kylie Won! At $27,000.

    So, Kylie, just contact me at the Walters to get your FREE MEMBERSHIP.

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