There's a prize, for…

Photo: GV
Photo: GV

Whoever can tell me, convincingly, what’s coming out of the King’s right index finger in this picture.  And, what outfit he’s wearing.

The painting is by Tim (Dingle) and is dated 1986; it’s on Beale Street in Memphis, in the window of a store called “Strange Cargo.” Like in the movie.

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What's a "VELVIS"????

Photo: GV ("Velvis")
Photo: GV ("Velvis")

On January 23rd of this month, after four years of much notoriety and some ridicule, “Velveteria,” the one and only “velvet painting museum,” in Portland, Oregon, closed its doors. Its 300 plus paintings on velvet were a monument to a peculiar medium that seemed to have reached its apogee in Tijuana in the 1970s.

Elvis pictures have been so prevalent in this medium that they have their own term of identification: an Elvis on velvet is a “Velvis.” Why the association?  Is it simply because velvet painting is ipso facto a genre of high kitsch art and for many, Elvis Presley is the essence of kitsch?

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The Voodoo Economics of Kingship – on HIS Birthday

EPCoinNow see if you can figure this one out.  The clever folks at “Mystic Stamp Company” (note the word mystic) in Camden, NJ, have bought up a bunch of Tennessee State Quarters showing Elvis with unusually fluffy hair – and have colorized them! They have developed some “revolutionary technique” whereby this color portrait shall never “chip, fade or peel.”

The 30th anniversary noted on the coin is, one assumes, the 30th anniversary of the King’s reputed passing – August 16, 1977.

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