Art Museums: Men run them, but don't much visit them

The Walters - some "manly" swords
The Walters - some "manly" swords

According to The New York Times (11/29), the proportion of men taking in the current exhibition at the Met featuring Samuri swords is unusally high.


So maybe, the writer speculated, there should be more shows on the shapes of WWII bombs, on naked women, and maybe on fishhooks.

After all, upward to 70% of those attending fine arts mueums are women. So how about some outreach to the male population, the ones watching the NFL on Sunday afternoon when they could as well be enjoying some Renaissance Madonnas or French 19th-century landscapes?

Food for thought.  And by the way, while it is true that almost 70% of museum visitors are women, more than 80% of those very museums are directed by men.

And until fairly recently, almost all the artists were men. (This is certainly true for the Walters.) 

Go figure…