Art + Science Wednesday: Come on down!

Photo: Tony Venne

The exhibition “Beauty and the Brain,” on the 4th level of the Walters’ Centre Street Building, is small (just one work of art!) but it has gotten a whole lot of attention, not only in the SUN, but also in:

But we need your help.  This is more of an experiment than an exhibition. You, our visitors, come down, put on 3D glasses (think AVATAR!), and pick your most and least favorite shapes from among each of 10 groupings.

Put your scorecard in the box, add your e-mail address, and we’ll keep you posted on the progress of the experiment.

We are exploring, with Ed Connor of the Mind/Brain Institute at JHU, the notion of “significant form.” Do some shapes appeal more than others to our visual brain?

And is this what artists are after?

And there are no wrong answers!