Mystery Art Object of the Week – and a PRIZE!

Photo: GV
Photo: GV

What is this?  The first person to get the right answer gets a free membership to the Walters!

And even if you live far away, there are lots of reciprocal benefits involved – which means with a WAM membership you get in free to a whole bunch of other museums.

And, as you know, the Walters if FREE all the time.

So, what is it?

31 thoughts on “Mystery Art Object of the Week – and a PRIZE!”

  1. Looks definitely Faberge. Perhaps the top part of one of their reknowned eggs. Perhaps seen from the underside as opposed to top view?

  2. The arrow makes me think it is a sorority pin for Pi Beta Phi sorority. One of the founders, I believe, was Grace Coolidge, who was involved with the Parker Pen company, and the arrow is a symbol for both. If a sister did something wondrous, she might be awarded a Grace Cool prize, named for the founder. I know this as my future wife was a member of Pi Phi sorority while we were dating.

  3. Not a timepiece per se; but a memento of a specific time (the arrow is distinctly pointing)? Perhaps commerating someone’s birth/wedding time? Appears to be presented as a piece of jewelry that can be worn.

  4. Postscript: Or the hour of someone’s death? (Thinking about the Victorian interest and custom of commerating passings)

  5. sorry for the triple post, I thought it didn’t work.

    The “guilloche” enameling technique should noted — machine-produced incisions are filled in with liquid glass to create a beautiful layered effect.

    The blind person could touch the pearls of varying sizes and the diamonds to check the time.

    I saw this the other week and just loved the concept. It is in the room with the rings, snuff boxes, the bonbonnieres, right before the Faberge and Lalique jewelry.

  6. Cupid’s arrow broo– I see Alayna has already posted that. Can’t be more specific. I don’t remember seeing it in the museum.

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