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The Walters Art Museum’s Unsung Veteran

Marvin Chauncey Ross was our Curator of Medieval and Subsequent Art from 1939 to 1952. In 1944 the young Ross, now a Captain, was called by General Eisenhower to join the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Commission (MFAA) to assist in the discovery and repatriation of artworks seized by the Nazi occupation forces throughout Europe.

Moving Art Around

This is an installment of the weekly interview series, on the Culture Comment blog. It’s called “Behind-the-Scenes.” Each week, we’ll discuss new facts and information about the people that make the Walters Art Museum tick. Now, let’s meet Senior Museum Technician, Mike McKee.

Teen Arts Council Members Interview Joaneath Spicer, Curator of Renaissance and Baroque Art at the Walters Art Museum

On being a curator, Joaneath states, “You get to be a detective, from morning, noon, until night, and you’re not dealing with dead bodies, you’re dealing with these fabulous works of art…. There is a great satisfaction in really feeling that you can contribute to public discourse that you contribute to public life and often in ways that you don’t even know.”