Walters Enthusiast Super Thursday Scavenger Hunt

During this week’s Super Thursday Party, the Walters Enthusiasts is sponsoring a Scavenger Hunt Contest for a chance to win two tickets to see the musical Chicago at the Hippodrome or a $50 gift card to Cardinal Tavern. Visit the Walters Enthusiasts Facebook page during the Super Thursday Party to find the scavenger hunt clues. Clues will be Continue Reading →

Revealing the Splendor of Gilded Lacquer

The Walters recently received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to perform the cleaning and treatment of several objects from the Doris Duke Collection of Southeast Asian Art. This collection, comprised of a variety of beautiful and unique pieces, has been in storage for some time, and many pieces require treatment. Continue Reading →

The St. Francis Missal

The St. Francis Missal (W.75) is, at first glance, a seemingly humble manuscript. Bound in undecorated wood and leather, its cover is worm-eaten and cracked. As a missal (a book containing the texts used in the celebration of the Mass), it was primarily meant to be read from by the priest during the church service, and thus designed to be functional rather than lavish. Why, then, is this book one of the most intriguing in The Walters’ collection, as well as one of the most popular, visited by many from around the world each year?